We want to thank you for your support of BIBO Weekly!  So we want to give you the opportunity to win a brand new Roku TV this season. Just follow the the simple rules below and you could have you can own your very own Roku TV…on us!

Roku TV Contest
1) Sign Up to our mailing list
2) Watch the show each week
3) Go to the website to see the “Question of the Week” that will pertain to something that was shown or said on that week’s episode
4) Submit your answers (all answers on ONE email…no separate emails please) by March 13th
5) The winner will be announced on the last show of the Season!

Contest Questions

  1. Episode #1 — Traci tells the ladies to put on their _____ _____ backpack and leave their comfort zone! Fill in the blanks (2 words)
  2. Episode #2 — Mary Bonnett, of Her Story Theater, discussed sex and human trafficking. She mentions a “type” of pimp that is used to lure women. What is this type of pimp called?
  3.  Episode #3 — Dr. Rhonda mentions that as a young girl, her self esteemed was not affirmed. She mentions two negative “names” she was called as a little girl. Name one of those negative names.
  4. Episode #4 — Which famous musician and band leader did actress Fredi Washington date?
  5. Episode #5 — How old is Project I AM founder, Jahkil Jackson?  (purple couch guest)