Meet Host & Exec. Producer, Traci S. Campbell

Traci S. Campbell is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, author, podcaster, IT consultant and founder of two 501c3 organizations, the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project and The BIBO Foundation that also produces the annual BIBO (Beauty In / Beauty Out) Awards which celebrates and honors exceptional female leaders, role models, and trailblazers in cities nationwide. A technology professional for over 18 […]

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Know YOUR Net Worth: Meet Panelist Dr. Marina Kostina

An accomplished “Net worth” and “Self worth” coach who has helped many men and women reach their true potential and banish self-limiting beliefs. A successful practitioner of Reiki and Yoga..she has helped her clients become mentally, emotionally, and physcially balanced. And she is the author of a new book “Find the G Spot of Your […]

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