Vegetarianism: Good For You And The Planet

The Utah Beef Council admits, “Several epidemiological studies indicate that vegetarians have lower morbidity and mortality from chronic degenerative diseases.” Today, vegetarians only make up about two percent of the population, but everyday more and more people give up eating red meat or try their first bite of tofu. Aside from ethics, what are the […]

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From Child Cook to Successful Chef: Meet Chef Dee

Meet Chef Diedra Johnson who is better known as “Chef Dee”. She is the Executive Chef and founder of 350 Degrees Chef Service. Her company provides Personal Chef Service, Full Service Catering, Romantic Dinners,  and Sculptured Cakes. Chef Dee lives by the motto “Eat to Live but Dine to Feed your Soul” At a very young […]

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Food Choices for Busy Women on the Go!

Although we still have 3 more months of winter to go,  the season is fast approaching that the focus will be getting ready for Summer. And Summer is often synonymous with beaches, ballparks and barbecues, all offering tempting snacks and treats. With the holidays soon behind us, it is the ideal time for ladies to […]

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Strawberries — More Than Just a Pretty Fruit

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind, when you think of strawberry – a mouth-watering dessert of strawberries mixed with fresh cream? To end an interesting evening on sweet note, this is just the right dessert. Strawberries serve more than just fulfilling the sweet tooth. It is packed with hordes of health benefits, […]

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