What Is BIBO Weekly! ?

BIBO Weekly! (BIBO stands for “Beauty In / Beauty Out”) is a brand new show coming to the Roku platform in early 2019. Ushering in the “NEW Era of Beauty”, the show celebrates the strength, beauty, and intelligence of women from all walks of life! Airing on the Hot Noize channel, it is an exciting weekly magazine style, multi-segment show centered on women’s issues with informative content from various cities nationwide. The show will cover topics such as health, beauty, politics, entrepreneurship & business from the female perspective. Also, highlighted will be compelling “journey stories” of women overcoming the odds! And, the show will also highlight the “Men of BIBO”; men who support women-based initiatives, who have a track record of helping women, and/or want to share the story of women in their lives who deserve to be recognized.

BIBO Foundation & The BIBO Awards

BIBO Weekly! supports the 501c3, The BIBO Foundation, that serves disadvantaged women and their families. Our sister organization, C.H.A.M.P. Community Project, has served teens and single parents for the past 8 years. Also, the show will highlight the annual BIBO Awards, entering its 6th year, which celebrates female role models and trailblazers in cities nationwide. Award shows are held in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Why Advertise With Us?

Women Rule the World! (well…they rule the spending power in the world at least)

Recent studies conclude that women are the top marketing opportunity in today’s economy.  85 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions are made by women and they account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending. Today’s savvy marketers and advertisers are embracing this fact and will continue to engaged and build relationships with women as a key consumer.

BIBO Weekly! has a primary demographic of women between the ages of 25-55which spans both the Millenial and Gen X female populations.

Unplugging from TV and Satellite means more targeted and engaged audiences

Today’s viewers are increasingly replacing their cable and satellite TV subscriptions with OTT, or over-the-top, streaming devices. As a result,  advertisers MUST shift their marketing strategies or risk missing out if they continue to focus on traditional tv platforms. For example, industry leader,Roku, just reported an increase of viewership subscriptions to 22 million. 

By excluding the traditional “middlemen”, OTT allows content owners and advertisers the opportunity to connect better and more directly with their intended audiences and position themselves to drive more revenue to their brand.

OTT is much more capable, than traditional television, of delivering highly engaged and targeted audiences for advertisers. Advertising on traditional TV is more and more challenging. Yet, advertisers spend approximately 70 billion on traditional TV, compared to digital video (around 13 billion).

OTT gives advertisers the best of both worlds—the viewability and engagement of traditional TV advertising with the advantage of direct targeting of digital web advertising. According to Nielsen research and with a 98% average of completing all video ads, the average OTT viewers are younger, more affluent, and more engaged than traditional TV viewers.

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