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Growing a brand, finding a voice, and carving out your niche are difficult things to do, and with the whole world uploading content it just got harder. But why should you let that stop you when you’re ready to take the spotlight and show the world what you can do? 

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Women-Owned Business Mini Accelerator & Easy Fitness Routine

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The Power of Angel Investing

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Marketing Basics Part 2 Level UP!

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We exist to share information, empower you to change the world, and connect you with the services and platforms that make it possible:



A digital TV show packed with advice for female business owners and mission driven initiatives that draws in more than 400,000 weekly viewers


An AM/FM radio show & podcast with over 1.5 million monthly listeners that provides candid insight and much needed info related to money, business, social issues, relationships, health and wellness.


In addition to great programming, we offer low-cost advertising on our media platforms and SEO services that allows your brand to stand in the spotlight, no matter how fast your industry is growing - Create Meaningful Connections by learning everything from the benefits of email marketing and ways to advertise on a budget, to content and other media that creates loyalty

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Forgiveness is a VERY powerful tool. In this episode at the top of a new year, 2021, we tackle HOW and WHY forgiveness is a necessary act.  Coming off of a tumultuous year, 2020…we delve in how forgiveness can benefit EVERY aspect of our lives from personal fulfillment to business success and more. Check out this week’s Throwback Challenge, Off The Wall News, and more!

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Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021/2022

Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were previously considered far-fetched notions. These cutting-edge digital marketing strategies

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